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Authors : Ant Studio , Ken

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Shounen ai , Webtoons

Chapters: 45

Last update: 5 months ago

4.41 /5 (321 votes)

Ever since high school, Sang Hwa has had a crush on his seemingly perfect best friend, Ryuh Han. Feeling both inferior and lonely, he delved into Lessa, an MMO slowly declining in popularity and an escape from Ryuh Han.In game, he stumbled across newbie "Mighty Mirae" - real name Gwon Lee Gum - and the two become fast friends as "Idealize". Sang Hwa helps to train him and invite him to his guild. Yet, Mirae hyung still remains a distant, mysterious person until they decide to meet in real life."Idealize?""Yes...? Uh, Mirae hyung?"No way, is this gangster really that hyung?!

Our Companionship