Gu Daoist MasteChapter 96

Gu Daoist Master, , Reverend Insanity, Daoist Gu, Master of Gu Master of Gu A story of a villain, Fang Yuan who was reborn 500 years into the past with the Spring Autumn Cicada he painstakingly refined. With his profound wisdom, battle and life exper

Return Of The Shattered Constellation [All Chapters]Chapter 10

From a mere human to being among the gods, the Twilight of Gods'After spreading his name as an evil god, the throne, faith, and position He lost everything.His divinity severed and godly powers vanished."I want you to work with me."Thanatos, the rule

I Can’t Be This Stupid manhwaChapter 20

I Can't Be This Stupid at Doha happens to transfer to Gukje Island High School a school where only the rich can attend. This place is famous for its unique system where the dormitory buildings and room sizes are assigned according to ranks There, sh

HisurebaChapter 5

Hisureba summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Hisureba. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Filiarose – The Crown of Thorns ProphecyChapter 5

Young priestess, stop the rebellion of the scoundrel prince! Filia is a priestess who has the ability to read a person's innermost thoughts. She recieves a mission from Iro the High Priest to "stop the rebellion of Leo Ellion".He may have once been t

There is a Secret About YouChapter 15

Song Xue, a white-collar woman, has been caught in a series of strange incidents, and the legendary serial killer, Tooth Fairy, was killed by the police. So this time, whether it was a copycat criminal or someone else. As Song Xue drew closer to the

Flowers are flowers, leaves are leavesChapter 5

Hong Seol-young, the daughter of a concubine of a chaebol family, stood proudly despite all kinds of persecution, when her parents suddenly died in a car accident and Seol-young also dies under the guise of suicide. Seol-young curses the Hong family

High and MightyChapter 8
ActionMartial arts

Yong Cheonsang, the young lord of the great House Yongcheon, is a free soul. His main joy in life is exploring the world. As such, when his father tries to marry him off to supposedly the most beautiful woman in Bukgyeong area, he's not interested in

One Step Forward to the Flower PathChapter 16HOT

Read manhwa One Step Forward to the Flower Path / I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16.I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past.I thought I'd die while livi

I'm cultivating draconic veins in chinaChapter 4

Maxed Out LevelingChapter 15HOT

Monster HunterChapter 6

Monster Hunter manhwa, , New Army The monsters take everything away from a boy and keep him captive as their food. He grunts his teeth and seeks revenge, but he cannot beat the monster with human power. At that moment, a monster hunter appears.

Senpai wa, Ijiwaru ni TsukiChapter 7

Moe, a first-year high school student, has a crush on Hikaru, who is rumored to be a coldhearted prince. However, Hikaru already has a beautiful, talented and popular girlfriend, who is also his childhood friend. Hikaru also has another close childho

Bad PositionChapter 5

It's not fair. Should we cheat on them too?"Cha Woorim witnessed his lover cheating on him before their 7th anniversary. Unexpectedly, famous actor Joo Jiho, showed up in front of him and dropped a bombshell announcement that their lovers cheated on

Seishun Kijinden! 240 GakuenChapter 5

Seishun Kijinden! 240 Gakuen , Legend of Eccentric Youth! Nishio Academy 240 The "240" in the series' title is pronounced "Nishio" as a reference to the writer's name. The manga celebrates the 15th anniversary of Nisio Isin's writing career, and it

Return of the Broken Constellation (Return Of The Shattered Constellation)Chapter 10

Return of the Broken Constellation , Return Of The Shattered ConstellationFrom a mere human to being among the gods, the Twilight of Gods'After spreading his name as an evil god, the throne, faith, and position He lost everything.His divinity seve

Return Of The Shattered ConstellationChapter 10

Karami Zakari: Boku no Honto to Kimi no UsoChapter 6

One day, four school friends, cross the line as they are interested to find out more about sex. Once you spark that flame though it is hard to go back and the bodies and minds of these four people begin to be intricately entwined. This is an adaptati

The PredatorChapter 9

"Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Sangjin seems like your typical average joe working part-time at a convenience store.

Seishun Kijinden! Nishio GakuenChapter 5

The "240" in the series' title is pronounced "Nishio" as a reference to the writer's name. The manga celebrates the 15th anniversary of Nisio Isin's writing career, and it includes characters from Nisio Isin's works.

I’ll Twist The Neck of a Sweet DogChapter 20HOT

Read manhwa I'll Twist The Neck of a Sweet Dog / Chloe Garnetsch, who gave everything for the man she loved, but eventually died miserably.Foolish Chloe realized too late.She was a bait for a man to throw at the emperor, and a man was a beautiful

Dandara GohanChapter 6

The sweet yet tragic lives of the newly formed Shinsengumi and the delicious meals its members share.

Haru x MeiChapter 5 : i'm lonely when we're apart..

Fair Warning: Age gap couple.Note: Original Raws were taken from the Author's Twitter.

I Just Want to be a Useless Duke’s Daughter ManhuaChapter 155

Asterin, who has crossed into a fantasy novel to become the duke's daughter, does not want to become the same character as in the original book, since her character was a shallow and love-obsessed girl. This rich and free-spirited girl, along with he

CheonjihaeChapter 10

In order to bring correct order to the heavens, the first Jade Emperor put together the representatives of the 12 Ji, the Ten Longevity, and the Five Bangs. The apprentice Cheonjihaeryun joined this organization as Hwangryong's representative. What i

My In-laws are Obsessed With MeChapter 6HOT

My In-laws are Obsessed With Me, My family and my husband killed me. Because of the inheritance. Returning to the past, I made up my mind. "I have to protect my life and my inheritance." Grand Duke Lapireon of the cursed family. I offered him, who

Become the Lord of CthulhuChapter 6

Let Me Fall Be BrilliantChapter 8

Miracle Hero!Chapter 17

My Perverted StalkerChapter 6 : what about a kissHOT

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Eru-Eru SisterChapter 10

Konakai Futaba loves her older sister more than anything else in the world. Kind, beautiful and intelligent, Ichina was everything that Futaba wished that she could be... she even encouraged Futaba when she was feeling down. As such, Futaba went to t

Oh No! It Became A Spirit!Chapter 11

An erotica suddenly becomes a spirit. All she wanted to do was cultivate her powers, sleep and flirt with Master, but... No matter where she goes, objects seem to be turning into spirits. Enough, throne! Stop thinking about sleeping with the emperor!

Next door Kuroki-san is dangerous when she drinksChapter 8

Hajime Goto is a new university student who moved to Tokyo alone from the countryside. In the room next to his, lives a super office worker, Asami Kuroki, who is beautiful, has a great style, and is very good at her job! Hajime is excited about his n

Maguro-ShoujoChapter 6

Kirishima Haruna is a member of an idol group. But after being told that she would not be part of the main team due to her poor sales, she started to crumble as her debt stacked up with lesson fees. "How did it come to this?!" screams the young girl.

Another Typical Fantasy RomanceChapter 15HOT

Read manhwa Another Typical Fantasy Romance / Official release date: November, 27th

Accidentally Reborn as an Evil Crossdressing WomanChapter 6

Accidentally Reborn as an Evil Crossdressing Woman, Akuyaku Ouji ni Tensei Shita hazu ga, Jitsuwa Dansou Akuyaku Reijoudeshita "You're a woman!?" The evil prince of my favorite romance game is actually a crossdressing girl!? A love story between the

Beauty and the Beast in the Fallen GardenChapter 8

Beauty and the Beast in the Fallen Garden, Rakuen no Bijo to Yajuu Beauty and the Beast of the Lost Paradise Young and rambunctious Belle insists on going out to play in the forbidden woods, but her adventurous streak abruptly ends when her mother i

Rin-Chan Wants to FlirtChapter 6

Rin-Chan Wants to Flirt, Rin-chan wa Suezen Shitai , Kobayashi is a thirty-something high school art teacher, and Rin-chan is the beautiful and popular girl at the school. These two people shouldn't have anything to do with each other, but actually t

Celeste AcademyChapter 14

Celeste Academy manhwa , What's worse than going to school? Going to school in another world to become a knight?! After accidentally witnessing a sword-wielding woman slay a demon in the streets of Boston, Valeriana is kidnapped and forced to enroll

Rin-Chan Wa Suezen ShitaiChapter 6

Kobayashi is a thirty-something high school art teacher, and Rin-chan is the beautiful and popular girl at the school. These two people shouldn't have anything to do with each other, but actually they share a common secret. A reluctant love comedy be

Shaman (Hong Won-Pyo)Chapter 30

A world where Hexes' exist. This is a story about a young Shaman and his companions saving the world from Curses'.

Chasing TailsChapter 9

After nine college students are trapped under a collapsed building for 14 days, only six come out alive, and only four of them can speak. The dead bodies of their fellow students are viciously mangled, leading police to investigate the case as a poss

Shinsu Jeil GeomChapter 68
ActionMartial arts

Yuucha to MaouChapter 5

Yuucha to Maou , The Brave and the Demon King "Majo Allied", a country of monsters who live in humans. In order to defeat the strongest monster "Demon King" that reigns there, many heroes appeared and disappeared ephemeral. And now another hero stand

The Three Realms Online ShopChapter 22

In a passionate relationshipChapter 14

At the young age of 34, there was a man who rose to the position of head of production for an advertisement company. ' Kim Yoon' is a perfect man who has not only abilities but also an appearance that can beat celebrities but he had one flaw..." Secr

Wait For Me To Marry You.Chapter 9

Xijing Kingdom's most favored prince Qianfu, fell in love with Mongolian prince Weier Zhijin Yugui, who was sent to negotiate peace, and was forced to agree to him because of the situation. Getting married, while enduring Qian Fu's extreme pursuit be