Pink Heart JamChapter 6

.From Good Girls Scan BL:College student Haiga has just entered the Multiphonics Research Club. It's there that he meets an impressive upperclassman, Kanae. Fascinated by his stunning guitar performance, he thinks, "I want to try talking to him" whil

How to Tame a Wild LionChapter 5

A main vocalist with the temper of a lion x a cheerful and straightforward bassist. Who knew that the band couple I fangirl about is actually real! In order to understand and save the band that is on the verge of getting disbanded, he found a child p

You Are My Darling!!!Chapter 5.6

When a new person moves in next door, the appearance of a cockroach forces him to ask his neighbour for help. This strange situation is how two people with opposite personalities, one calm and composed the other prone to exaggeration, form an unlikel

How to Avoid DebutChapter 31

.Hahyun, a practical dance department graduate from Korean Arts High School; at the request of his uncle, he became a standing for an idol audition program, .As originally planned, Hahyun received the "edited" "invisible" "rapid fail" ending but was